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International seminar-workshop "Strategies of Inclusive Education Development in Regions" at University of Hildesheim (Germany)
by Дмитрий Бобров - Sunday, 7 February 2016, 9:49 AM

Workshop “Regional inclusive education. Strategies and development” took place in the University of Hildesheim from March 1to 5, 2015. Project coordinators from Belarusian, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and Finnish universities participated in the workshop. It was opened with the welcome speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Hildesheim followed by introductory words of Professor Olga Graumann and Professor Michael Pevsner.



At first, workshop participants discussed the results of the expertise on the modules developed for Bachelor Curricula within the project. Professor Michael Pevsner brought forward to the coordinators typical comments on the expertise, most fundamental of those concerned inconsistency with the competences and the results.  

To solve this issue, representatives of St. Petersburg Academy of further Education Olga Krylova and Natalya Bogatenkova discussed with the participants “Learning modules and their components. Competency based planning”. Presentations by the partners from three countries: Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus were summing-up the team work.



The representatives of the partner universities analyzed afterwards methods to implement the modules into learning process in higher education and shared their experience in training of the educationalists who shall work with heterogeneous groups. Following reports were delivered: Larissa Baykova “Module testing within “Pedagogical education” at the Ryazan State University” (Russia); Ekaterina Tikhomirova “Training of the aspiring teaching staff to work in heterogeneous groups and institutions at the Vologda State University” (Russia); Olga Gurenko “Bachelor Module implementation at the Berdyansk State University” (Ukraine); Galina Nesterenko “Training of preschool teachers to work with heterogeneous groups at the Institute of Child Development, National Pedagogical Drahomanov University” (Ukraine); Nikolay Lebedev “experience in pedagogic training to work with heterogeneous groups at the Shamyakin State University of Mosyr” (Belarus).





The second day of the workshop started with the report of Professor Olga Graumann and Professor Michael Pevsner on “Strategic plan for the development of regional inclusive education”.


After the report, there was a team work “Design process for the strategic development plan of inclusive regional education” organized for the coordinators. The participants took due account of national educational systems in their countries. The team work was moderated by the representatives of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University Alexander Shirin and Peter Petryakov. Discussions on internal and external groups that influence the development of inclusive education in regional Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were summing-up the team work.



Alexander Shirin, Professor at the Novgorod State University, had consequently presented to the workshop participants a concept of the Master Curriculum “Educational management of a heterogeneous organization”, which was developed at the Chair of the Professional Pedagogical Education and Social Management, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University. At the end of the second day, Peter Petryakov consulted on the project website.


On the last day of the workshop consortium members Professor Olga Graumann and Professor Michael Pevsner consulted the scientists from the partner universities on the planning and content of the events within the project in 2015.


  It’s worth noting that the workshop in Hildesheim came uncontemplated into focus of German media that showed interest to the cooperation between Ukrainian and Russian universities. Many journalists mentioned that they were surprised to observe the friendly atmosphere and high level of confidence between the project participants. This cooperation between the countries is nowadays received in a different manner, as a big investment into the peace and mutual understanding between the peoples.


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