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Implementation and prospects of mobility programmes development for academic exchanges and scientific training at Khmelnitskyi national university in the framework of the Tempus-IV project
by Sergey Mihalchik - Thursday, 24 September 2015, 7:28 AM

Implementation and prospects of mobility programmes development for academic exchanges and scientific training at Khmelnitskyi national university in the framework of the Tempus-IV project


In August, the participants of the international scientific-educational project TEMPUS-543873 “Initial and Further Training for Teachers and Education Managers with regard to Diversity” from Ukraine interned at the Link Campus university (Rome, Italy). From Khmelnitskyi national university in the training was attended by Vice rector of international relations M. Yokhna and Professor V. Stadnyk, Doctor of Science in Economics. The theme of the training was to study the European experience in the implementation of mobility programmes of students and teachers in the framework of the Bologna process.

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For our university this internship was useful from the point of view of dual degree programs further development. Today one program is already underway to Lublin technical university. In this academic year, the university plans to start a dual degree program for parallel learning masters degree in "Management and administration" with Natural-technological university (Bydgoshch, Poland).

Important for our university there are other forms of students and teachers mobility. The development of such forms in European universities was also one of the subjects discussed during the internship. Prof. Diana Spulber from the GenoaUniversity (Italy) was shared it. Ukrainian colleagues were able to learn the opinion of students on mobility and the Bologna process in general. Thus, Master student Agostini Lorenzo spoke about the peculiarities of studying in magistracy at the RomeUniversity and about his plans for an internship at the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia). In turn, Master student of Slovak University Micaela Duralieva introduced her internship program in the LinkCampusUniversity.

Образовательніе программі в РФ

For our university this experience is very important because of its borrowing will provide students to take part in mobility programs at European universities - partners of KHNU. Among them are leading universities of Austria, Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, etc. Teachers of KNU also will have broader opportunities to join for the best practices of the educational process and master modern methods of interactivity and pedagogical skills.

Mobility in research is important for graduate and doctoral students - through academic exchange programs and academic internships. In frames of the project TEMPUS-543873 in spring of 2016 Khmelnytsky National University will be able to send for training in one of the European universities their graduate students. However, applicants for internships must undergo a competitive selection - both knowledge of English (or German) language, and the results already performed research.

Equally important for the TEMPUS-543873 project were the reports of Prof. Laura Lipoli devoted to issues of inclusion development in the Link Campus University. She briefed the trainees to the activities of university laboratories LinkLab, which deals with statistical analysis, conducting polls, quantitative and qualitative sociological research. The colleagues also discussed the possibility of conducting international research work; the following aspects are to be studied within the research:

- parents’ views on inclusion,

- effectiveness of inclusive education,

- the experts’ role in the integration of children into learning environment, etc..


The participants of the internship were interested in learning about the development of e-learning and E-campus in the LinkCampusUniversity in the context of Bologna process. Prof. V. Stadnyk acquainted all the present with the development of the KhmelnytskyiNationalUniversity in the field of virtual education environment.

Стадник В.В.

New recommendations were produced during the lively discussions and at the results of the Work Shop for the project TEMPUS- 543,873; they will be useful for the educational process in the KhNU.


The cultural program of the internship was also interesting and full of impressions, since Rome - is the story that blends eras and centuries.


During the excursions the participants trod down kilometers of the ancient pavement stones, touched the history in its archaeological implementation, absorbed the spirit and grandeur of the Vatican, wondered the scale of almost stretched to the needs of the following centuries the Coliseum.


They were also astonished by the masterpieces of Renaissance and modern times artists, impressed by the scale and architectural nicety of the structures of distant as well as not so distant past.


Patches of history in the present

The participants admired the wisdom of the Italians who store every stone of the history, every surviving particle as an invaluable treasure, allowing descendants to see and feel the power of ancient Rome and its civilizational progress.

Prof. Valentyna Stadnyk, Dr. Sc. in Economics

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